Building with Steel Framing

  • Residential

    • Single-Family
    • Condos
    • Multi-family
    • Hotels
  • Commercial

    • Retail Center
    • Stand-alone Retail
    • Restaurant
    • Office
    • Healthcare
    • Mini-Storage
  • Light Industrial

    • Warehouses
    • Production
    • Fulfillment Centers
  • Remodel/Renovation

    • Loft Conversion
    • Shopping Mall conversion
    • Additions
    • Structural Interior Partitions
  • Specialty

    • Bathroom Pods
    • Job-site Offices
    • Tiny Houses
    • Custom designs


Custom-Manufactured, Light Gauge Steel Framing Solutions

We implement the ideal steel framing manufacturing solution for any construction market including: Residential, Industrial, Commercial or Institutional.  Steel offers numerous advantages in construction speed, strength, versatility and operational efficiencies.


FRAMA 7800


Structural Load-Bearing Applications

WHAT is Custom Steel Framing:

+ Custom light-gauge steel framing is structurally engineered and designed to produce studs, trusses, beams, and other construction  components.

+ A single C-track and stud profile creates a simple and effective structure that is virtually maintenance free.

Why is it BETTER than the Alternatives:

+ Faster and more cost-effective than comparable steel/wood framing systems

+ Ready to assemble on site, with no need for cutting, grinding or drilling

+ Stronger connections by using engineered screws that don’t loosen over time

+ Reduce or eliminate the need for Red iron

+ Less time and less labor than welding

+ Minimize job site waste

HOW can it be used:

+ One story or Multi-story applications based on 6″ and 3.625″ engineered stud assemblies

+ Exterior and Interior walls in commercial applications

+ Walls, Trusses, Floor systems or Roof panel assemblies


+ The galvanized coating protects the steel against rust for decades, even in extremely humid climates

+ Fire, Mold, Insect and Climate resistant

+ Better durability against rotting, warping, splitting, cracking, settling or buckling


Available For All Stud Sections

+ C-Type Tracks & Studs

+ Recessed Assembly Fasteners

+ Panel Accuracy 1/8″

+ Flange Inkjet Assembly Marking

+ Web bar code label

+ Non-Skilled Labor Ready

+ Replaces up to 85% HFS beams & columns requirements.

+ Advanced CAD structural modeling including all MEP’s, long span floor & roof systems

Advantages of Building with Steel Framing

Light gauge steel framing is comprised of channels, tracks and brackets often pierced with a hole pattern. Utilizing the hole pattern in each component, construction teams easily assemble structures by simply aligning the framing holes and screwing them together with a simple screw gun.

Pre-assembled steel packages can be lifted straight from the truck in sequence to the jobsite pre-cut and ready for assembly.  With no measuring, squaring and cutting at the jobsite, control of construction quality is achieved with minimal rework and little job-site waste and lower labor costs. Clients enjoy efficient construction and buildings that can be engineered to withstand extreme wind conditions.

Steel is not affected by termites, rot, mold, mildew, moisture absorption, splitting, rust or combustion.  Globally 85% of steel in demolition projects is recycled.