Our design team starts with your PDFs, CAD files, or Revit Model of the project

Structural design and MEP coordination

Stamped Structural plans by licensed engineer

Create custom studs and/or panels for assembly in plant or shipped flat

Flat-Packing – bundle studs for each panel to ship and assembly on job-site, more compact for shipping

Panel & Truss Assembly – fasten stud and track components together in plant to form panels and trusses

Sheathing installation available on panels assembled in plant

Level work space required for assembly and/or installation

Stabilized base for erection/installation, preferably drives and parking in-place


Light-Gauge Steel Framing

Construction Services Group (CSG) creates custom Light-Gauge Steel Framing for any project.

Whether the need is for a full-steel framing solution, steel structural walls, or steel partition walls, CSG can fabricate it. CSG designs light-gauge steel studs to fit exact project needs, cutting each element to the specific measurements of the project plans, down to a 1/32″ preciseness.

CSG can produce framing elements in a range of gauges and customized lengths. Additionally, the steel elements are made with dimpled screw holes, swages, and cut outs to make assembly more precise, simple, and efficient. Service holes in studs can also be designed to allow ease of other trades to run conduit or cabling through studs on site.

Insulation is not provided, and should be completed on-site by others. Reach out to Construction Services Group via phone or email, to receive a quote based on specific project plans.



C-Section Studs

  • Top and bottom tracks, vertical members
  • 3 5/8” or 6” studs
  • custom lengths and panel sizes, dimples and punchouts, 1/8” accuracy

High tensile 50 KSI structural G60 galvanized steel

  • GA 18 or GA 16 thickness


of Building with Steel Framing

  • Cost Effective

    • Virtually no waste
    • Considerable reduction in Insurance premiums
  • Easy Assembly & Installation

    • Pre-engineered and cut frame components
    • Easier on-site handling of frame components
    • Eliminate skilled worker needs
    • Patented “Slip Fit” frame connections
    • Easier solutions for inevitable jobsite challenges
  • High Quality

    • Stronger connections
    • Highest strength-to-weight ratios of any construction material
    • Drywall ready with recessed assembly fasteners
  • NO Maintenance

    • Will not rot, warp, twist, buckle, split, crack, splinter, creep, settle, or burn
    • Corrosion-resistant, dimensionally stable, and remains straight and true