Recent Projects

Jobsite install  vs  3D model view


of Building with Steel Framing

  • Cost Effective

    • Virtually no waste
    • Considerable reduction in Insurance premiums
  • Easy Assembly & Installation

    • Pre-engineered and cut frame components
    • Easier on-site handling of frame components
    • Eliminate skilled worker needs
    • Patented “Slip Fit” frame connections
  • High Quality

    • Stronger connections
    • Highest strength-to-weight ratios of any construction material
    • Drywall ready with recessed assembly fasteners
  • NO Maintenance

    • Will not rot, warp, twist, buckle, split, crack, splinter, creep, settle, or burn
    • Corrosion-resistant, dimensionally stable, and remains straight and true



  • Assembly

    Stud components assembled into panels and trusses in plant or on job site

  • Shipping Components

    Flat packing – grouping studs by panel, for assembly at job-site (with photo)

    Assembled Panels & Trusses – panels assembled in plant, shipped as completed panels (with photo)

  • Delivery On-Site

  • Installation on Job-Site

    Level work space required for assembly and/or installation

    Stabilized base for erection/installation, preferably drives and parking in-place



  • Receive Project Files

    PDFs, CAD files, or Revit Model of project

  • 3D Modeling

    Structural design and MEP coordination

    Stamped Structural plans by licensed engineer

  • Roll-Forming

    Custom Studs

    Custom Panels

  • Panel Assembly or Flat-packing

    Flat-Packing – bundle studs for each panel to ship and assembly on job-site, more compact for shipping

    Panel & Truss Assembly – fasten stud and track components together in plant to form panels and trusses

    Sheathing installation available on panels assembled in plant